subdued sounds ist Kunst, ein Schauplatz kreativen Handelns

subdued sounds durchweg unkommerziell angelegt,

subdued sounds nutzt die Tiefe des weltweiten Netzes

subdued sounds entstanden in den späten Achtzigern

subdued sounds ist das Forum von RX Only, USE, Megapaul.....

subdued sounds braucht feedback ! Hört und Seht und schreibt !

subdued sounds

Subdued Sounds is a very independent label
even so indie, that noone knows it by now, although
Sub-Sounds are around this place since 1987.

In times of global communication we thought it may be time
to go to the top - by now subdued sounds is growing in
our minds - there are loads of interesting projects
still to come.

- You want more information about the Sub-Acts ?

- You want to see them alive and kicking ?

- You're favourite hobby is making strange music and
you want to share your best performances with us and
others ?

- You're bored to death and want to talk to anybody ?

- You're the A&R-Manager of a major label and you want to
sign one of our superb acts ?

- You're a pop star already and you want to help subdued
sounds to buy SONY-Music ?